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Supreme Court of the UK has agreed to hear Phil Ivey’s now infamous high-stakes baccarat case. What most gamblers and non-gamblers don’t understand about this situation, allowing casinos to claim players are cheating opens the door when anyone that is lucky enough to win a jackpot for the casinos just claims the win was somehow flawed or the player was cheating.

In this case, this Casino set up the baccarat game and took the action. Casinos make deals all the time for higher action. If the roles were reversed, and Phil Ivey lost his money… can he just say’s “no fair give me my money back.” He would be laughed out of the casino.

In the event of someone hitting a jackpot or hitting a score at the tables it will become more profitable for Casino’s hold the money and risk legal action and simply claim the person cheated.

I think the biggest problem Phil faces is the legal system doesn’t understand gambling that’s why places like Las Vegas has the Nevada gambling control board.

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