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Best Basketball Over-Unders Money System Can’t Buy

We have cracked the code on NBA Totals! With the NBA getting started I thought I would share my buddies B-ball over-unders This is a more simple formula for figuring possessions: -Possessions = .96 * (FGA - ORb + TO + (.44 * FTA)) Field goal attempt minus offensive rebounds plus turnovers plus (free throw attempts […]

Sportsbook Affiliates

Sportsbook Affiliates are far the most promising part of owning a handicapping website. Selling picks is such a small part of the real money to be made in owning a sports handicapping website. For months after having my personal handicapping website I would get checks from online sports betting websites from the people still gambling […]

List of all the Sports Handicapper monitors

Handicapping Monitor list is updated with the known sports monitors. Handicappers should sign up for all of them for good SEO, and for the profile linkbacks. Posting your picks on a sports monitor is only helping the monitor, get more clients. If you are looking to sell picks post them on your own website. documentedhandicappers.com […]

The heavy favorite parlay betting system

This is a very simple betting system anyone can do it, looking at the line board. If you follow sports most can spot an uneven match. like if a top rated team is playing a very low ranked team you can bet the Money or Run Line. Just find some very heavy fav’s this works […]

How big is the sports betting market?

Wagering on sports is a $150 billion industry. In May, New Jersey just passed Nevada to become the top state in money wagered. Since May 2018 sports wagering laws have passed or are pending in 13 other states. Pending Legislation to legalize sports betting: Montana, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Hampshire

Buy picks from other Handicappers for your sports handicapping web business.

Handicapping Websites now offers picks from over 100+ qualified handicappers. We have handicappers for everything: Horse Racing, System Picks, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA, PGA, totals, tout sheets. Contact us and we can help you find qualified handicappers that will provide good picks for your website! Do you handicap sports events? Would you like to sell your sports […]