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If you don’t already know on July 15th Paypal’s Terms will change opening handicappers to many more chargebacks.

Up until now handicappers picks and services have slipped through the cracks with Sports Touts falling under PayPal’s terms not allowing chargebacks for non-tangible goods.

We all have learned powerful lessons online with sending money and now all transactions will be open to dispute, this could make things a real nightmare for handicappers..

There are a few solutions, and many things you didn’t know.

1. Represent your website better. Many services besides Sports picks fall under this non-tangible goods category, and charge backs are part of any business.

It is best to clearly write your websites or membership terms and direct Paypal to it when a charge-back happens. Something else you didn’t know is Paypal actually fights for you in charge backs.

2. Require Western Union on larger purchases that you are not prepared to have funds locked up or even lost.

3. Also you can process payments though ClickBank.

4. Or just take Bitcoin. That has no chargebacks

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