Sportsbook Affiliates

Sportsbook Affiliates are far the most promising part of owning a handicapping website. Selling picks is such a small part of the real money to be made in owning a sports handicapping website. For months after having my personal handicapping website I would get checks from online sports betting websites from the people still gambling as I was making money off every single bet they made.

Important notice: Because of the changes in the US laws online gambling, gambling affiliates are becoming very hard to find any good ones that pay are even harder. With the crackdown with the US government seizing many popular online poker domains and banning US players, it is making this market very interesting.

Below are the gambling-related affiliates that offer profit share for banner placement on gambling related websites. Top 10 Money Making Programs for your gambling related website, The best of the best in one place

Sports Betting
The next one would be great for pages to your capping website

fantasy sports affiliates are becoming very profitable.

Sports betting is getting so big even Sports Illustrated is getting into the mix

Long Time Magazine publisher Sports Illustrated throws its hat into the ring and starts its own handicapping service charging for picks called SI “gambling” Sports Illustrated most notably made popular by its yearly scantily clad swimsuit issue.

Thanksgiving the hottest sports betting day of the year.

Black Friday’s effect on the biggest day of sports betting.  by far Thanksgiving is the biggest gambling day of the year. we’re not sure why but’s data over the last 15 years indicated Thanksgiving has the largest volume of bets made. Maybe it has something to do with the pressure of the holiday spending and gamblers trying to win the money.

But this holiday season is about to get a whole lot funnier with the NBA starting on December 22nd after the pandemic and the shutdowns to NBA.

But this year, Will Las Vegas Sports books be shut down for the Pandemic?

All the ways sports Handicappers can make money selling their sports picks

Sports Handicapping has become so popular that almost overnight everyone has become a sports reporter and handicap the game and they are getting paid for Handicapping. Now everyone has a blog and PODcast, cappers are cashing in some cases 50,000+ a month in donations. We have worked on a list of the most popular and profitable ways to sell picks.

To Date I have not met a handicapper or gambler that personally I could not learn something from. You are good at being a handicapper, let me harness the full-power of what you know and turn it into money. Because im a Muther Fucking Jedi Master. — Owner of Handicapping Websites

Most handicappers only know only a few ways to make money with their sports picks, but across the web there are many spots you can sell your sports touts. I am about to talk about all the ways I know how to make money online relating to sports handicapping business.

Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram have to be neck and neck but both are totally different worlds and have 2 very different buyer pools. I think the money is better on Twitter, but Instagram is Hot and seems to be getting hotter, but we have seen accounts that have been marketing-driven accounts getting banned

Soliciting on the web

Posting ads on Craigslist, using chat rooms and forum posting is effective but the numbers are long. A good Twitter account could be worth millions.

Example Craigslist posting that I found:

clsports picks

YouTube – PODcasting & Vlogging

I think Youtube and Podcasting are similar, Youtube is the clear front runner, but a vast majority of handicappers don’t want to go on Video. And I think people are listing to Podcast more than ever because of their limited time to read, you can simply put on the headphones and listen in the background.

Website and Blogging

It’s hard to pick 1,2 and 3 but a well-branded website backing your social media is needed even its only selling shirts. I feel like reading is how most people take advice, followed by Videos.

Email Blasting

Email still lives and is alive and well, With phones getting hammered with Robo callers and people are no longer picking up their phones, email moves into #4. With a nice piece of ad copy and an email list you can crush it.

How big is the sports betting market?

Wagering on sports is a $150 billion industry. In May, New Jersey just passed Nevada to become the top state in money wagered. Since May 2018 sports wagering laws have passed or are pending in 13 other states.

Pending Legislation to legalize sports betting: Montana, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, New Hampshire

Buy picks from other Handicappers for your sports handicapping web business.

Handicapping Websites now offers picks from over 100+ qualified handicappers.

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YouTube is undoubtedly the future of the Sports Handicapping business.

If you are a handicapper and asking yourself how do I cash in on selling my sports advice, then look to get into the emerging market on YouTube Handicappers shows, the earnings potential of selling picks is unlimited. has confirmed many sports capper reporters  YouTube Channel making $50,000 – $100,000 a month. Cappers are making shows that resemble the ESPN… We all know why we watched ESPN… Sports betting. and Twitter seem like the social media platform front runners for handicappers.

Why Sports Handicapping services should never use Sportsbook Affiliates, Affiliate networks, or middle men.

It is truly the dawn of a new day in the Sports Handicapping Business. Advantage Handicappers. Because of the recent passing of the dark ages of the online sportsbook. Now betting is becoming legal across the US faster than marijuana, and these online sportsbooks are all but worthless and maybe even more dangerous to deal with than brick and mortar sportsbook.

The landscape of the sportsbook affiliates / online sportsbook business has in fact changed overnight.

The real danger of using Affiliate networks and Affiliates of a casino is once you turn over your lead, then they can introduce that lead to other casinos and cut you out of the money all together, and just like the recent sale of Bet America, Curchildowns basically giving the middle finger to their affiliates after they acquired the casino.

One helpful tip is if you are going to deal with and online book make sure you are dealing with the casino’s affiliate department, not a middle man looking to make you a sub affiliate.

Someone asked me a stupid question about people buying sports picks.

Today a friend asked me, now that sports betting is becoming legal in many markets, if I thought sports picks would quit selling…. and I said if he thought people would quit getting paid for stock market advice.

There is no dough you can get with worthless stock advice and it’s the same with handicappers. There are many people with cash looking to make moves, nothing is more attractive than getting paid if you win.

Everyone is a handicapper now…. just like the mainstream everyone has become a reporter and posting everything online. Everyone has a take on the game and leveraged position. Everyone has the basic knowledge of the niche they’ve chose, but only those with years of experience has become the expert and reliable. Sports betting is getting bigger everyday, so is the demand for quality sports betting information.

Just like stocks, people are playing computer systems. and guessing for the probable outcome