Can you actually make money in the sports handicapping business?

The handicapping business is bigger than you think. Every single people reading this goes to some website or app to get the sports info they need.

In this business, eyeballs equals dollar bills. You see handicappers popping up all over the web, some of them are even really good.

The truth is if you will publish 1000 words you will have gone further than 80% of the handicappers out there.

There are enough people out there looking for good info on games for almost anyone to easily make money in this business.

Handicapping business also intermingles with the price per head, sportsbook, affiliates, horse racing, sports betting.

So what does it take to make it in the handicapping business? It helps a ton to wanna write and post about sports. It doesn’t take much training, I’m not a great writer but I don’t let that stop me from publishing my ideas. On the internet you can get online with a website and start taking payments very easily. But the handicappers who are successful are the people posting content for people to read.