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Let’s face it chargebacks for sports picks are difficult to deal with. Good thing we have the solution to your problem. The solution is better and easier than you might think.

You should be taking bitcoin for every transaction for picks, The person paying you for picks don’t even need to have bitcoin to pay you. Right now Paypal is the best way to take payments for sports picks but has left open the chargeback window for 6 months.

Bitcoin allows you to be 100% anonymous without the high cost of incorporating, and the transaction is never open to chargeback.

Also, you can spend bitcoin on everything you want anyway with a debit card.

sean dice

My name is Scott Asher, i'm a writer and and freelance web developer for I have helped sports handicapper services sell more than 250,000 sports picks online and have made more than 1500 handicapping websites. I have a real passion for handicapping sports betting. More than anything I want you to make the most money selling your picks! 25 years in the sports handicapping business.