Should I give away free picks?

Should you give away picks? What is your time worth? My favorite line I tell all my clients is nothing always equals nothing. That’s not to stay the lost leader marketing concept is not a good way to market sports picks.

Giving away free picks is not on the way to stand out in the Handicapping business. Solid documentation of your system or theory goes much further.

The only 2 way free picks benefit you: *even these examples are poor

  1. If the picks are posted on your website and then the word count you can benefit from.  If you are posting free picks on sports monitors you are not helping your business you are helping their business.
  2. If you are giving the pick in exchange for a real lead. 

If you are hell bent on posting picks for free follow these steps for the best results.

  1. Only post one free pick.
  2. Don’t track the results.

Good luck in the gambling streets.