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The sports monitor is a business like any other business.

A good example of the sports monitor business model is eBay.  You can have a garage sale and sell all your stuff. Depending on your location you might even make some money. But posting stuff on eBay can allow you to get in front of more buyers.

If you post your picks on a sports monitor website you are contributing to their business. Just like eBay bettors can compare your betting record to other handicappers, and simply just buy the one that they feel is best.

The handicappers strongest asset is his picks and to simply posting it may not be the thing you want to do.

Many people want to read about your picks, I’m sure even you found some go to websites online to get write-ups that you consider “good info” and return there. There is always that friend you bounce your picks off or even share sports betting info with.

I feel like the smart handicappers don’t use sports monitors.





sean dice

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