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Price Per Head business is really suffering and has become very competitive witch has forced these PPH companies that provide bookies software mostly based in Costa Rica to find another way to make money. With sports betting popularity PPH companies popping up offering Bookies software as little as $1 per head.

Price Per head companies are now trying to lock bookies into high cost web services for fake custom website they try to pass off as “your own” or self hosted on AWS servers, that are in fact not yours.

The fact is, the shell fake custom Price Per Head website they are offering is nothing more than a shell. What these “custom” Price Per head sites they are trying to sell are really a regular 5-10 page website, sometimes WordPress that yes is yours, these are hosted on your hosting but the lines are not yours and are hosted in Costa Rica.

Price Per head companies are trying to charge $6,000 – $15,000 for what amounts to a $1500 website. Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular so more bookies are falling victim to these inflated cost, when the Price per head is turning around and paying a designer in Costa Rica $300 – $500 to have someone make the bookie website.

HandicappingWebsites can make you a better Custom Price Per Head website for $1500.00 with the best deal Per Head and cut out the risk of dealing with someone in Costa Rica.

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My name is Scott Asher, i'm a writer and and freelance web developer for I have helped sports handicapper services sell more than 250,000 sports picks online and have made more than 1500 handicapping websites. I have a real passion for handicapping sports betting. More than anything I want you to make the most money selling your picks! 25 years in the sports handicapping business.