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This article will explain how to become a professional sports gambler, also known as a handicapper. It will NOT explain how to get better at sports betting – that’s a different subject!

So you want to be a professional sports gambler?

Lots of people love gambling on sports because it makes the games more exciting to watch. Having something on the line makes it feel as if you’re part of the action. Most people who bet on sports are not very good at it and will lose in the long run. Some people who gamble on sports have plenty of money to throw around but they are tired of giving it to the casino or bookie. These are the people that handicappers want as clients.

People with significant incomes would gladly pay a professional handicapper to help them start winning instead of losing all of the time. Someone who makes a lot of money is probably busy and doesn’t have time to study the games and make informed betting decisions. They just want to kick back and enjoy the game. They are trusting you as the professional handicapper to do that work for them.

So how do you become a sports gambler anyway?

First of all you’ll need a website. The website should be modern with an attractive design. In order to get clients for your handicapping business you have to create trust. The client needs to believe that you’re actually a professional handicapper and not just someone who claims to be good at sports gambling. Having a website helps to demonstrate that you’re a professional sports handicapper. After all, if you’re so good at gambling why can’t you afford a decent website?

“Having a website helps to demonstrate that you’re a professional sports handicapper. After all, if you’re so good at gambling why can’t you afford a decent website?”

Another reason you will need a website is so that you can accept online payments. Someone who is considering hiring a professional handicapper needs to be able to purchase the services quickly and easily. Your website can showcase the different packages you offer and the sports that you are best at handicapping. You could be a great football handicapper but know absolutely nothing about horse racing. Your website will promote your strengths.

Professional Sports Handicapper

Matthew McConaughey becomes a professional sports handicapper in ‘Two for the Money’

Here at Handicapping Websites we specialize in building websites for handicappers. We also offer several other services to promote yourself as a handicapper and gain new clients. We have been helping handicappers connect with clients for a long time and we work with some of the best in the industry. Here are just some of the services we provide for up-and-coming as well as established sports handicappers:

New Custom Website: We specialized in creating websites that appeal to sports gamblers and introduce them to your services. You can have a simple website that displays your services and accepts online payments, or a complex website that shows the current odds at multiple sportsbooks and live scores of selected games. Whatever your imagination can come up with, we can put on a website.


Improve Existing Website: Maybe you already have a website but it just needs some improvements. We can do many things to improve the performance and functionality of your current website. We can improve the loading speed, design, payment method, and search engine visibility.

Squeeze Pages: A squeeze page is the most simple form of website. Basically, it’s a one-page website that is designed to perform a specific goal or “call to action”. That goal could be to pitch a product or service, make an online purchase or to just collect email addresses and phone numbers with a newsletter or contest sign-up.

Social Media Marketing: Social media is where handicappers are made. Our team of social media hacks can put your name and handicapping service in the spotlight. We have tons social media platforms and outlets that can reach thousands of sports bettors who are tired of losing. We can also design highly effective paid ads to be promoted by Facebook or Twitter. We use social media in creative ways to inform people about your success as a sports handicapper and then drive traffic to your website.


Lead Generation: We are always getting new contact information for people interested in sports betting. We collect fresh email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts and other points of contact. We do this by sponsoring contests such as office pools, fantasy sports leagues, sports betting challenges, newsletter signups and giveaways.  All of our leads are targeted to people with money who are interested in sports gambling.

Email/Text Marketing: We have systems that can deliver millions of emails, texts or recorded messages instantly. This is great for delivering your free betting picks or tips. Handicappers who regularly release free “emergency” sports betting tips are much more successful at gaining sales. When prospective clients receive an occasional free pick from you, it will keep them interested in your services. Even if they don’t place the bet, they are still curious to see if you’re right. They will check the score later and every time you’re right, they will consider buying your handicapping service. Sending random updates and picks shows your clients that you eat, sleep and breathe sports – that’s what they expect from a professional handicapper.

Video Marketing: Face it, people would rather watch a video than read a paragraph. This is why videos are appearing everywhere instead of text. We have found videos to be a very effective way to convert sales. Why not have a video on your website that explains your successes and services as a handicapper? Did you know that YouTube is owned by Google? Having a YouTube video on your website automatically gives your website a boost in Google search results. If your doing Facebook or Twitter marketing, videos are way more effective than links and text. We can create animated videos, whiteboard explainer videos, and videos with affordable paid-actors.

Graphic Design: Since your social media presence and your website are the front face of your handicapping service, it’s important that they look top notch. We make amazing images fitted to the specific dimensions of your social media profiles. We make exciting banners and display ads that capture the thrill of betting on sports and winning cash. We can put these ads, featuring your logo and contact information, directly in front of the people that you want to see it.

Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO) (SEM) (CPC): “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO is the skill of making your website appear in search results. This is done by making technical edits or optimizations to your website that make it more favorable for Google, Bing and Yahoo. “Search Engine Marketing” or SEM is simply paying the search engines to show your website without making any optimizations. This is usually done on a cost per click (CPC) basis.

If you want fast results then SEM is the way to go. You can get on the first page of search results right away for any keyword you want. But SEM can get expensive. Each time a person clicks on your website you owe Google anywhere from $1 to $50, depending on the keyword. And there is no guarantee that the person will buy anything once they are at your website.

SEO is a lot cheaper but it requires more patience. It can take weeks or months before your website starts showing up in search results. But once you’re there, all of the traffic to your website is free. You can get 1000’s of visitors to your website simply by showing up in the search results of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Reputation Management: It’s hard to avoid, sometimes a client will not be happy with your services. Maybe they caught you at a bad time – during a losing streak. Or possibly a competitor is trying to attack your reputation. The last thing you want is for someone to leave negative comments about you all over the internet. Some of these comments and reviews can be removed by contacting the right people. Sometimes the person who left the remarks must be contacted and encouraged to remove them. As a last resort, the platform with the negative review can be flooded with positive reviews to dilute to impact of the negative one.

Becoming a professional gambler.

A sports gambler checks his ticket at a Las Vegas casino

… just a few ways to market your services as a professional sports gambler

There are lots of scam artist handicappers out there and people know that. A potential client is naturally very suspicious and wants some proof that you are a legitimate handicapper before they give you their money. Most successful sports handicappers have made themselves “internet famous” within the sports gambling community.

“Most successful sports handicappers have made themselves ‘internet famous’ within the sports gambling community.”

The truth is that you could be the best handicapper in the world but if no one has ever heard of you then they wont trust you enough to purchase your services. There are some terrible handicappers who have been able to make themselves famous on the internet. People keep giving them money for crappy advice just because they saw them on Facebook. That is until they realize the “losing streaks” are not really streaks at all.

Social media marketing

One of the most effective ways to promote yourself as a professional handicapper is to use social media. Facebook and Twitter are often used by handicappers to connect with potential new clients. It might be a good idea to create new accounts on these platforms instead of using your personal accounts. Your friends and family may not want to be associated with this industry or perhaps you have children on your friends list that shouldn’t be exposed to these activities.

Make up a catchy nickname for yourself that gives the illusion that you’re well known in the sports handicapping industry. Join as many Facebook groups as you can and create your own. Post your “free picks” everywhere and people will notice if you’re consistently winning. And of course, when you’re right make sure that everyone hears about it. When you’re wrong blame it on a losing streak and promise to do better next time.

Handicapping Websites has access to tons of established social media outlets. We specialize in social media marketing for sports handicappers. We can really blast your name and expertise to 1000’s of people who would be interested in your services.

Email marketing

Another reason why you need a website is so that you can begin creating an email list. Once you have an email list you can send out your free picks on a regular basis. This will keep you engaged with potential new clients. Handicapping is a numbers game, and your not going to be right all of the time. Don’t send everyone the same picks. Because you don’t want to be wrong with everybody! Split your email list into groups and send different picks to each group. When you’re correct a few times in a row, send them a followup email with a discount on one of your sports betting packages.

Some unscrupulous sports handicappers will engage in scam tactics. One tactic is to send half of their email list a pick for team A and the other half a pick for team B. When the teams are playing each other! This way they are always right for half of them. If they started with 1000 emails, after 3 free picks they will have been correct 3 times in a row for 125 of them. Then they will try to sell an expensive season-long package to those 125 people. We do not recommend engaging in these practices because you will eventually be found out and exposed.

Telephone Marketing

This is basically the same thing as email marketing but with phone calls or texts instead. The advantage with telemarketing is that people will almost always see your texts or listen to your messages. Sometimes emails can get overlooked or land in the spam box.

You can collect phone numbers by creating contests where people have to call in order to enter. The contests should be related to sports betting so that you know that your list is targeted to people who are interested. Promote your contest on social media as well as your website.

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