How to get started marketing emails for handicapping services mainly because this is the number 2 question I am asked from handicappers.

That question is always followed by:

Why don’t you email market? Or, Can you email market my handicapping website?

Comes down to time, I am a busy guy working on my network of sports handicapping websites. The other is legal and these days are much better *and cleaner ways to market sports betting leads, like social media. So if you find this article choppy its because probably wrote this article while working on other jobs and will come back later and update with even more fun details how you can get started email marketing sports leads.

Email marketing sports leads is not instant money, it takes real time writing Adcopy, developing your marketing list, and consistently sending out emails. It is like all the other ways to make money selling picks. All handicappers have “goto” ways to market picks, no matter what type of marketing you favor, it is a skill you will develop and read about; so you will improve over time.

The key to email marketing sports leads is to be up to date with laws and changes. A fun example is in Nevada for sending spam it is 50$ per email plus damages, it’s no joke these SPAM laws have real teeth. But…

Something to think about: if you’re not selling something are you spamming?

I think more than anything this will give you some valuable insight into how I think about spam and how you can be more effective with email marketing.

There are 3 ways to send emails:

Self-hosted/Gmail – With your hosting, it comes with email and a short leash. most hosting providers are ready for this so these accounts are leashed tightly.

If you are looking to go to legit> Gmail, I added Google business apps to the Self-hosted because you can run your domain hosted email in the same way and I think it is a better solution because if you open a business email with Google, give them your credit card, business address, and you will end up in the in-boxes more often. This is a good solution for $5 bucks a month. PLUS THEY HAVE FREE PHONE SUPPORT and other tools you can use to track how you are doing.

And how would I use Google Apps service for marketing?

Remember when I said if you’re not selling something? >First I would not really be looking to sell anything. This will get you flagged faster than anything. I would be trying to open communication. Maybe sending 3-25 emails at a time.

Email Marketing Service like Aweber or Constant Contact – these services will HELP KEEP you going down the legal path and charge you for that. The services will help you get through the Spam filters for the first few attempts because the emails are coming from a trusted network. These services are very good for just about anything but gambling based marketing, I love Aweber, for websites that favor B2B lead-gen. Aweber has some really good products and if you read on their website has some really good tips you can apply to marketing your Sports Picks.

Or email server are expensive and take time and experience to set up. Like everything else, there are experts in sending e mail. And what is the first thing you think of when you think SPAM? Penis Enlargement and Russians. 🙂

My Tips for getting more response:

  1. Be short, Less is more for sure, get them excited about an idea, you have only a few words at most to really reach them.
  2. You are looking to reach the frustrated few, you want the people that will sit down and write a 6-page letter to their congressman. Because they are loyal as FUCK and most importantly crazy as fuck.
  3. This being the most important, BE UP FRONT, you are running a serious business, be transparent, you are not hiding from anyone.
  4. Constancy, staying in front of their face, new fresh content keeping the ideas flowing.