Black Friday’s effect on the biggest day of sports betting.  by far Thanksgiving is the biggest gambling day of the year. we’re not sure why but’s data over the last 15 years indicated Thanksgiving has the largest volume of bets made. Maybe it has something to do with the pressure of the holiday spending and gamblers trying to win the money.

But this holiday season is about to get a whole lot funnier with the NBA starting on December 22nd after the pandemic and the shutdowns to NBA.

But this year, Will Las Vegas Sports books be shut down for the Pandemic?

Handicappers live stream

Sports Handicapping has become so popular that almost overnight everyone has become a sports reporter and handicap the game and they are getting paid for Handicapping. Now everyone has a blog and PODcast, cappers are cashing in some cases 50,000+ a month in donations. We have worked on a list of the most popular and profitable ways to sell picks.

To Date I have not met a handicapper or gambler that personally I could not learn something from. You are good at being a handicapper, let me harness the full-power of what you know and turn it into money. Because im a Muther Fucking Jedi Master. — Owner of Handicapping Websites

Most handicappers only know only a few ways to make money with their sports picks, but across the web there are many spots you can sell your sports touts. I am about to talk about all the ways I know how to make money online relating to sports handicapping business.

Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram have to be neck and neck but both are totally different worlds and have 2 very different buyer pools. I think the money is better on Twitter, but Instagram is Hot and seems to be getting hotter, but we have seen accounts that have been marketing-driven accounts getting banned

Soliciting on the web

Posting ads on Craigslist, using chat rooms and forum posting is effective but the numbers are long. A good Twitter account could be worth millions.

Example Craigslist posting that I found:

clsports picks

YouTube – PODcasting & Vlogging

I think Youtube and Podcasting are similar, Youtube is the clear front runner, but a vast majority of handicappers don’t want to go on Video. And I think people are listing to Podcast more than ever because of their limited time to read, you can simply put on the headphones and listen in the background.

Website and Blogging

It’s hard to pick 1,2 and 3 but a well-branded website backing your social media is needed even its only selling shirts. I feel like reading is how most people take advice, followed by Videos.

Email Blasting

Email still lives and is alive and well, With phones getting hammered with Robo callers and people are no longer picking up their phones, email moves into #4. With a nice piece of ad copy and an email list you can crush it.

This is my ongoing thread on my personal sports betting system, so the ones that read this post early might find a lack of details because I only have time to work on my sports betting system when I am not working, but the very best part is I show in video screen cast that my system really makes money! I would describe my system as bankroll builder because it is going to be tough to consistently get good action on the larger bets. So I would say my system is best for a starting bankroll of $1000.00-$10,000.00 and build to $25,000.00 – $100,000.00

Screenshot of sample:

My betting system is based on the popular Martingale system, the biggest problem with the martingale system is you can quickly run-out of betting room breaching the max betting limit that the casino will allow, because trust me if you don’t think the casino has heard of this, you would be wrong… and or going broke of course. If you are not familiar with the Martingale system betting system it is basally doubling the bet to catch up a type of old hustler move, that ore or less became the bases for most of the betting systems today.

Using my system in sports betting seems like the best use for it, because you are able to introduce the element of educated guess and taking advantage of winning streaks.

The most important part of my system is in my sample test, my system has shown to withstand long losing streaks without taking large losses from the conventional double up scale. Because I think it is a fail to bet 10 then bet 20 because when you win you only break even. my betting scales make money on every play even if there is a loss. if the fist bet 5$ is a loss, then the next should be 15!

How To Video

From early beta test I set up, when the scale failed on $1000 dollar bankroll, losses are in the 200-350 range.  or about 33% of the bankroll lost.

*later in the thread you will read I feel like I have even address this issue to block against failing in the short-term.

The reason the Martingale system had been giving so much notice is because it works! till disaster strikes of course. What that means is, using the Martingale system you will in fact make money, even going on long winning streaks till you lose too many hands in a row and you run out of money or you chicken-out. I set up my system to work with sports betting, but the scale can be applied to any 50/50 chance situation and you will see I run my system against Pia-Gow and Baccarat results in the videos.

I would go a step further and say most winning strategies are based on the Martingale system, assuming the cards break-even you can come out a winner. No system can just neutralize loss after loss, so you can lose, this is not magic. So rewrites of the system have tried address this problem, but honestly the result really is the same.

Example: Most of you reading this already know and if you don’t; if you double a penny 30 times you have a million dollars. So I came up with this betting scale, because I think everyone who gambles wins 10,15,20 hands in a row but are never ready to take advantage. so I came up with this very aggressive betting scale based on the double a penny money scale, because I think you need to bo aggressive but also shorting your luck.

This is the scale my system is based off:

  1. $.01
  2. $.02
  3. $.04
  4. $.08
  5. $.16
  6. $.32
  7. $.64
  8. $1.28
  9. $2.56
  10. $5.12

My system starts here:

  1. 11. $10.24
  2. 12. $20.48
  3. 13. $40.96
  4. 14. $81.92
  5. 15. $163.84
  6. 16. $327.68
  7. 17. $655.36
  8. 18. $1,310.72
  9. 19. $2,621.44
  10. 20. $5,242.88
  11. 21. $10,485.76
  12. 22. $20,971.52

———– stop here ————-

23. $41,943.04
24. $83,886.08
25. $167,772.16
26. $335,544.32
27. $671,088.64
28. 1,342,177.28
29. $2,684,354.56
30. $5,368,709.12

Betting scale help info:

So if you look at the scale you can throw out the first 10, because they don’t really matter as far as betting is concerned, you cant really bet 16 cents. And that last few because it maybe difficult to get good action on larger bets. so for me this scale ends on #12. after the red line.

So this comes down to 12 levels, if you have gambled for any length of time everyone has picked 12 winners in a row or won 12 hands in a row.

These are the issues from the Martingale system my system addresses:

  • Putting out large amounts of money for minimal return on money.

How? – The traditional Martingale system, requires you to double your bet every time you lose, now this works great as long as you wins come every 2-5 hands even 7 or 8 but this requires you to put up large amounts of money, and trust me then it just becomes a game of chicken. The Martingale system works very well, you can go-on winning as long as you keep pulling in wins without going broke.

  • Withstand long losing streaks.

My system is the same system, it is just allowing you to take more advantage when you are winning hands in a row. and lower bets to withstand the long droughts between wins. not risking the whole bankroll in a run of 7-10 losses

  • Factors Winning.
  • Winning many hands in a row for a minim bet.

One thing that gambling systems fail to do – is inform people of the loss-factor. Any System and I mean ANY, can and most likely and some point lose. Sometimes you win sometimes the casino does. You can’t bad run or bad luck, if you gamble you are going to lose, and you must be ready.

That being said you are going to lose 12-15 hands in a row and you are not going to be able to control this.

How did we fix it:

  • Even when you lose you win every single hand you post money up.
  • Maximize wins too.
  • No big climatic bet for all the money.

The scale:


click here to see the google doc of my betting scales

ok, so in the screenshot above what you are looking at is side by side Martingale betting scales a, b, c, d… in the second row under the scales you will see the betting scales starting with one dollar to ten, these are the ones I have been using for the testing my system and the ones I will be using in the session videos.

See all the “x” in a column? as you start to progress you will build up losses in a single column. we will talk about how to deal with this.

The first dryrun on screencast:

This was a good dry run, I hope the mic volume is good because other than losing in my first little rollout/screentest, this shows everything… winning, losing, build up of losses in a single column, and touches on winning streaks, the video is a good foundation to getting stated.

The Dryrun Video Walk-thou:

**line build up losses – in the video we talk about the columns and when losses build up, because only being 6 columns deep.

The sliding scale:

This is a second level spin you can put on my system. Example: if you started at the 5 dollar level, and the game you are playing offer you some flexibility then you can adjust your scale up or down a dollar or two based on your last 10 hands results.

The Rules:

Best places to use the system in a live game: 

low stakes ($1-$10 *games only): Las Vegas 1-5 limit Video games. bets 5+ Las Vegas

med stakes/high stakes ($5-$100 *games/sports betting): Las Vegas

high stakes *games only($25-$300): Los Angles

Cost: you can learn all about my system from my thread here, ask me questions in the comments, ALL 100% free. If you need more help of have questions I provide the following services.


This is a very simple betting system anyone can do it, looking at the line board. If you follow sports most can spot an uneven match. like if a top rated team is playing a very low ranked team you can bet the Money or Run Line.

Just find some very heavy fav’s this works well in College basketball. and you can string a bunch of +300’s +900’s together. You can even pick teams that your sure will not necessarily cover the spread, but will likely win the game.

When looking… you need to look at clear winners. see examples below.



Works well in College sports best.

Winning at the Casinos is about having the most information

Being a webmaster almost every day someone comes to me with another idea for a handicapping website, or some kind of website idea. Today, I was contacted by a guy that wanted a handicapping website for his sports touting business, so he can sell his sports picks online.

It was a strange conversation from the start; not that I will really hold that against him. He told me how much he loved my work and all that good stuff. But – what was so interesting… he wanted me to make him the website for a 50% cut of his profits. WHAHAT!?! But that is not the way he put it, he was saying it in a way that seem to be challenging me, telling me to “put my money where your mouth is.”

So of course, I asked him, “How many customers do you have?” He replied back, “None.” So my question to him was, “Why don’t I make myself a handicapping website and keep 100% of the profits for myself?” I loved his reply, “Because you don’t have that kind of expertise.” I love it… Yes… I am a fucking moron. Oh, it gets even better! He also said, “If the website was “good” he would give me an added perk and let me have “some” of his sports picks.” Oh boy! At this point I didn’t want to blow it for him and tell him I was a computer programmer, and this website has done a fair amount of work.

As a Webmaster, I get offers like this all the time from handicappers, wanting to make deals for a website for a percentage of the website’s future profits and almost never works out. I mean it never works out well for me. I know it sounds rude.. I am not trying to be rude. But frankly speaking, any good idea that is worth someone’s time, is worth some-kind of money.

It was kind of funny to read; he told me that he just had moved to Vegas to bet NFL football for a living. I have worked with over 300 handicappers, the biggest to the smallest. This is a real job.
Good Luck!

Handicappers live stream

If you are a handicapper and asking yourself how do I cash in on selling my sports advice, then look to get into the emerging market on YouTube Handicappers shows, the earnings potential of selling picks is unlimited. has confirmed many sports capper reporters  YouTube Channel making $50,000 – $100,000 a month. Cappers are making shows that resemble the ESPN… We all know why we watched ESPN… Sports betting. and Twitter seem like the social media platform front runners for handicappers.

I think if you are a successful person making $250,000+ and looking to make profitable moves sports betting, you absolutely should hire an expert handicapper. Just like you do in your day job, they’re sports betting every day, you’re at work working.

I think most view handicappers as scammers, but let’s face it, losing money is ugly. Its an industry with a nasty underbelly but that doesn’t mean there are not gifted handicappers with strong information you can profit from.



Is your time worth nothing? At We have collected data over thousands of transactions for sports picks and have found no evidence of giving something away leading to an increase in sales. So basically you are just gifting your time. However, with Twitter and the “#FadeMe” movement and free picks posting does yield some values having a social media following so you maybe able to get some value there but; upgrading free social media followers to buyers from free pick followers has shown little promis.

Sports bettors are impulse buyers and just like you get excited about an idea.

Watch any of the “big” handicappers, do you see them giving anything away? Also by posting free plays you set yourself up for failure.

How do you sell sports picks? Right now it’s very simple to find sports picks buyers with social media giving a look into anyone’s life. Also following niches with a heavy gambler pool, like Robinhood users. But not everyone is a true sports bettor.

Handicapping is a simple business, no one cares if you or lose. This is not about picks. Sports bettors have an attention span of a small animal. The Handicapping business is a game of marketing.

Move over Handicappers, with sports betting becoming legal all over the US the handicapping market has started to really grow and now high tech, Bitcoin miners, and smaller investors had started to take notice.

Now like poker the sports wagering market has been flooded with smarter bettors and better marketers drowning out the voices of longtime handicappers. Instagram Cappers, Twitter Capper, TikTok Cappers, Telegram… Pick a social media platform or post on all, it’s a a cash cow.

Get a Handicapping Business >

Football is unique in that it is virtually the only sport in which bettors have several days and sometimes weeks to analyze games and determine which picks they think are most likely to cover the point spread, money line or totals. Whether it’s the NFL or NCAA college football, most betting lines are posted either Monday or Tuesday and sometimes as early as Sunday night for the following weekend’s slate of games. That means there is a lot of time for bettors to carefully choose the picks they want to bet and try to determine which lines are soft and which ones should be avoided. And when it comes to the really big games, like the Super Bowl and the major bowl games, people will have weeks to check the lines and try to find the best bets.


Favored Teams Draw More Action

When it comes to the general public, most people prefer to bet on the favorites instead of the underdogs. At least two-thirds and likely even more bets laid week in and week out will be on the favored teams, and that applies to virtually all sports. Professional sports bettors will take a longer look at underdogs and bet them more often than the general public will. But professional sports bettors also like to bet on the favorites more than the underdogs. Some of the reasons are the perceived weaknesses of underdogs versus the favored teams, and often times, favored teams are at home or have been winning impressively. While recent performance can suggest future outcomes, the public tends to overreact to either impressive wins or depressing losses. If a team rolls over its last opponent, bettors often times make the mistake of thinking that team is playing exceptionally good football as a whole when it simply may have enjoyed a favorable personnel matchup or just caught a team in a bad spot. And if a team gets rolled, bettors many times make the mistake of thinking it will continue. But a single instance does not make a trend, and many bettors fall into the trap of perceiving teams to be better or worse than they truly are based on the outcome of one game.

Televised Games See More Play

Bettors love to watch the games upon which they wager, and sports books that aren’t crowded generally provide a great place to track several games at once. When a game is televised on national TV, the number of bets laid on that game will be much larger as will the amount of the bets generally higher than those games that are shown only on regional television or not at all. For sports books, taking wagers on televised games can be very profitable due to the fact that television producers don’t want to air games that have obvious outcomes. They want compelling, tightly contested games that will keep viewers on their toes from opening kickoff until the clock runs out. That means bettors who wager primarily on televised games generally are taking a much greater risk than those who look for more predictable games.

Most Bets Are Laid the Day of the Game

Another advantage many sports books have over bettors is that most people wait until the day of the game to lay their bets. That can be a smart move if weather is a concern on game day or a key injury might occur during the days leading up to the game, but it can be a big mistake if the line opened soft in one team’s favor and moves in the other direction. Lines can move by one or more points from the moment they are first posted, and that means if a team has a favorable line and the professional bettors jump on it, the sports books will adjust it by increasing the vig or adjusting the spread. If a team is favored by -2.5 points, for example, and bets start coming in on that number, the sports book will bump it to -3 to -4 points by game day. For those bettors who waited until game day to lay a bet on the favorite, they could lose if the game is decided by a field goal. In fact, many professional bettors will wager on the favorite at -2.5 points, and if the line goes up to -3.5 or more, the smart bettor will lay an equal wager on the underdog. Over the long term, such bets will produce a profit due to football games so often being decided by a field goal.