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In case you didn’t know, there is a beautiful hidden secret in the world of sports betting and it is called the Caliente Group just a few setps south to San Diego. There are a few American’s who know about this group because, 15 percent of the Caliente Group’s profit comes from American bettors. 60 sportsbooks is what they offer to bettors and many of which are short trekked from cities like Tucson and San Diego. Why have you never head of them? There just isn’t much written about them. Again, it is a beautiful hidden secret of the “libro foraneo,” which means the “foreign book” in English. While, many of their sportsbooks are spread throughout various locations, Tijuanais home to 12 sportsbook locations. American business could be as high as 40 percent in these locations.

Rich in history, the Caliente sportsbooks had its debut in the year 1915. Bettors were offered the chance to bet on live thoroughbred races. Then, in 1947 a dog track was opened for business. In the year, 1948 the first “foreign book” was opened. Prior to the birth of this book in 1948, betting managers would use chalkboards to keep track of bets and listen to the games on a radio.

On the tails of Las Vegas, Caliente is now has a state-of-the-art operating system. With many of their top officials visit Nevada frequently to keep updated with the latest trends and to gather ideas. These officials also seek the help of Las Vegas Sporting Consultants to get help with the point spreads, etc. Much like Las Vegas the Caliente Group often offers football betting and contest to draw in new clients.

Victor de la Fuente, who is the director of all Caliente’s sportsbook insists that American sporting events are increasingly popular amongst Mexican natives. It is important to continue to receive and grow their American business but, they do a great deal within Mexico, as well. “You name the sport, and it is very popular in Mexico,” de la Fuente says. According to the papers you see in Mexico, five or six pages of the ten pages of sports is likely to be US Sports. Sports like, NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL. These are all extremely popular throughout the country.

While, Caliente mimics much of its operating systems from that of Las Vegas, one major difference involves money. The betting limits are extremely higher in Mexico. For example, Mexico customer can bet upwards of $20,000.00 on NFL. This is fantastic! This is also higher than many of the books available in Nevada, period. Many of the limits associate with Caliente will depend on the relationship of the bettor and the group. The profile of a bettor will be considered by de la Fuente prior to any limits being raised. If they are a good customer, they are likely to receive special treatment. This seems to have been the case in 1988 when a bettor was allowed to place a $50,000.00 futures bet on the Kentucky Derby and just so happened to cash out in the seven figure range. It has been said, this risk would be taken again, pending the bettor.

During the season of football, business generally doubles for Caliente. Regardless, Caliente typically steers clear of professional bettors. This is partially due to the lack of experienced bettors in Mexico. There is also only one line at each of the 60 sportsbook locations. Each location of the Caliente group is strategically located in or around borders or travel destinations.

As far as competition goes, there are a few places that are licensed in Mexico but are far smaller than the Caliente. The Caliente still dominates more than 60 percent of the marketplace. It is also a difficult task to get licensed in Mexico and this also helps to keep the competition to a minimum.

The Caliente group only continues to grow in size and reputation. Place your bets and relax with the gurus of the Caliente group. Enjoy fish tacos while placing your maximum bet and then simply sit back and wait to win. It’s a very simply and relaxed atmosphere. Checks under $1000.00 will be mailed to any US residents and those who hit larger, can cash out at one of the many sportsbook locations. What are you waiting for? Endure the luxuries of betting on your favorite sport with the best kept secret in Mexico!

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