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If you’re looking for a handicapper who can help you win big in college football, ASC Picks is the guy to turn to. With a betting record of 63% in NCAAF the last two seasons, ASC Picks is one of the best handicappers in the world. In fact, very few bettors ever exceed a 65% winning rate, so his record has to put ASC in the top 10% of all handicappers.

ASC Picks is not just a one-sport handicapper, however. His lifetime record in all sports is an impressive 59% over 1000 picks that have been documented. Here’s a breakdown by sport of his records:

  • NBA: 55%
  • NCAAB: 58%
  • NHL: 67%
  • MLB: 58%

As you can see, is a handicapper who can deliver results in a variety of sports. So whether you’re looking to bet on basketball, hockey, baseball, he can deliver the winners year round. Many of the really good handicappers are only good in one sport.

What makes ASC Picks so successful? Part of it comes down to his dedication to his craft. He spends countless hours analyzing games, crunching numbers, and studying trends in order to identify the best possible bets. He also has a deep understanding of the sports he handicaps, which helps him make informed decisions.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about ASC Picks is his ability to consistently beat the odds. Anyone can get lucky and win a few bets, but it takes real skill to maintain a winning record over a sustained period of time. ASC Picks has proven that he has what it takes to do just that.

If you’re serious about making money through sports betting, ASC Picks is someone you should definitely consider following. With his track record of success, he’s a handicapper who can help you achieve your financial goals.

To buy his picks:

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