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As a handicapper, you might think that promoting sportsbooks and online casinos is an easy way to make money. However, you might want to think twice before becoming a sportsbook affiliate. Not only is it a highly competitive market, but it’s also a costly one. In this article, we’ll explore why handicappers should avoid fronting themselves as sportsbook affiliates.

First of all, it’s essential to understand that the sports betting industry is highly regulated. As a result, sportsbooks and online casinos have to comply with a set of rules and regulations, including anti-money laundering, responsible gambling, and player protection measures. As an affiliate, you have to ensure that you’re partnering with a reputable and licensed sportsbook or casino. Otherwise, you risk tarnishing your reputation as a handicapper.

Secondly, promoting sportsbooks and online casinos requires a significant investment in time and money. According to industry experts, the average cost of acquiring a sports bettor is $500. That means you have to spend that amount on marketing and advertising to attract one new player. Moreover, the competition for players is fierce, with thousands of sportsbooks and online casinos vying for their attention.

Thirdly, the sportsbook and casino affiliate market is saturated. In the past, affiliates could make a good income by promoting sportsbooks and online casinos. However, with the rise of social media and influencer marketing, the market has become incredibly competitive. Moreover, Google and other search engines have become stricter with their guidelines, making it harder for affiliates to rank for keywords related to sports betting and online casinos.

Lastly, promoting sportsbooks and online casinos can harm your reputation as a handicapper. If you’re fronting yourself as an affiliate, you’re essentially promoting a product that you may not have tried or tested. That can lead to a conflict of interest, where you’re more interested in earning a commission than providing valuable insights to your followers. Moreover, promoting a sportsbook or online casino that’s not reputable can damage your credibility as a handicapper.

In conclusion, handicappers should avoid fronting themselves as sportsbook affiliates. The industry is highly competitive, expensive, and saturated. Moreover, promoting sportsbooks and online casinos can harm your reputation as a handicapper. Instead, focus on providing valuable insights and information to your followers. By building trust and credibility, you’ll attract a loyal following that values your expertise and insights.

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