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The online sports betting industry is booming, with more and more players flocking to place their bets online. However, the cost of acquiring new bettors has skyrocketed to $500 per player. Despite this, some casino affiliates are still paying their partners peanuts for promoting sportsbook services. In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s time to stop promoting sportsbook affiliates who don’t pay you what you deserve.

If you’re a casino affiliate promoting sportsbook services, you may have noticed that your commissions have been dwindling. While you may be sending plenty of traffic to sportsbooks, you’re not getting paid enough to make it worth your while.

That’s because the cost of acquiring new bettors for online sportsbooks has surged to $500 per player. This means that sportsbooks are willing to pay big bucks to get new customers through the door. Yet, some affiliates are still offering measly commissions that don’t reflect the true value of their traffic.

It’s time to stop settling for bottom-feeder commissions and start demanding what you’re worth. After all, without your traffic, sportsbooks wouldn’t be able to acquire new players and grow their businesses. By promoting sportsbook services, you’re doing the heavy lifting for them, and you deserve to be compensated accordingly.

So, what can you do to ensure you’re getting paid what you deserve? Firstly, you should research the sportsbooks you’re promoting and find out what their acquisition costs are. Armed with this knowledge, you can negotiate better commission rates that reflect the true value of your traffic.

Secondly, you should consider promoting sportsbooks that offer revenue share deals instead of fixed commission rates. With revenue share, you’ll earn a percentage of the net revenue generated by your referred players, which can be much more lucrative than fixed commissions.

In conclusion, if you’re promoting sportsbook services, you should demand more from your partners. Don’t settle for bottom-feeder commissions that don’t reflect the true value of your traffic. Instead, do your research, negotiate better deals, and consider revenue share options. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you’re being paid what you’re worth and that your efforts are being appropriately rewarded.

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