Why Sports Handicapping services should never use Sportsbook Affiliates, Affiliate networks, or middle men.

It is truly the dawn of a new day in the Sports Handicapping Business. Advantage Handicappers. Because of the recent passing of the dark ages of the online sportsbook. Now betting is becoming legal across the US faster than marijuana, and these online sportsbooks are all but worthless and maybe even more dangerous to deal with than brick and mortar sportsbook.

The landscape of the sportsbook affiliates / online sportsbook business has in fact changed overnight.

The real danger of using Affiliate networks and Affiliates of a casino is once you turn over your lead, then they can introduce that lead to other casinos and cut you out of the money all together, and just like the recent sale of Bet America, Curchildowns basically giving the middle finger to their affiliates after they acquired the casino.

One helpful tip is if you are going to deal with and online book make sure you are dealing with the casino’s affiliate department, not a middle man looking to make you a sub affiliate.