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Recently, a friend asked me whether I believed sports picks would cease selling now that sports betting is legal in many markets. In response, I asked him whether he thought people would stop receiving payment for stock market advice.

The truth is, just as one can obtain worthless stock advice, the same can be said for sports handicapping. However, with numerous individuals possessing the financial resources to make moves, there is nothing more attractive than receiving payment when you win.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is a handicapper. Much like how everyone has become a reporter and posts everything online, everyone has an opinion on the game and a leveraged position. While everyone may have basic knowledge of their chosen niche, only those with years of experience can become reliable and expert. The sports betting industry is continuously expanding, and so is the demand for high-quality sports betting information.

Similar to stocks, people are using computer systems and guessing to determine the probable outcome. However, only those with experience and expertise will consistently provide valuable advice. In conclusion, sports betting and stock market advice will continue to be sought after, and those who can provide reliable information will always have a market.

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My name is Scott Asher, i'm a writer and and freelance web developer for I have helped sports handicapper services sell more than 250,000 sports picks online and have made more than 1500 handicapping websites. I have a real passion for handicapping sports betting. More than anything I want you to make the most money selling your picks! 25 years in the sports handicapping business.