Once the basics of laying straight bets are understood, bettors can increase their fun and potential winnings with more complicated wagers. Because the top three finishers can pay out, bettors can lay an Across-the-Board wager on a horse, which essentially is the same as laying three straight bets on the horse to win, place and show. If the horse wins the race, the bettor collects on all three wagers at the odds posted. If the horse takes second, the ticket will collect on the place and show odds. A third-place finish will just pay the posted odds for a show finish. Because the wager is equal to three straight bets, it will cost three times as much as a simple straight bet. Bettors also can wager on Win-Place and Place-Show straight bets that are equal to laying two straight bets on a horse to either win or come in second or to come in second or third in the case of the Place-Show wager.