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This poker system is very simple, but not a traditional bankroll building system. This system will fit someone that has some experience with higher limits and needs to make some fast money FAST.

I was turned on to this system many years ago by L.A. Poker Pro Amir Vahedi, the king at running up lots of money because of his lack of fear to play anyone and to stick his money in with nothing.

I have made 10k 25k 50k with this system, works well when you need cash in the short term. One of the main reasons I have not had bigger scores it because I quit before climbing into really high stakes.

I don’t play for a living anymore but I do play to supplement my company, but I don’t approach the game from an hourly or buy-ins I don’t have that kind of time.

The good news with this poker system is you don’t need a ton of money, I would take my bankroll in divide it into 4

  • One valuable point to this system is you need to have a lot’s of higher limit games you can move up to.
  • You may wanna make some saves. As you climb you can rat hole a few bucks off the game.
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