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Sharp sports bettors are always seeking an edge. What was considered “inside information” in decades past is now often available to the public instantaneously.

If it happened 15 minutes ago, it’s almost old news.

Twitter, founded in March 2006 as an online social networking and microblogging service, is the newest hot spot for sports bettors. It can be a forum for worthless conversations, but it’s also a network that offers valuable information.

A “tweet” is limited to 140 characters. For example, South Point oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro posted this tweet on Wednesday: “The magic carpet ride continues. Denver is now America’s team. The next bet we take on the Cowboys will be the first one. How bout them Broncos.”

The numbers of bettors gravitating to the Twitter-verse — some sources are more credible than others — seems limitless.

In addition to team Twitter accounts, newspaper beat writers and national media insiders, here are several sources to consider following for sports betting-related info:

Twitter is conduit for info in sports betting | Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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