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With rising parking fees in Las Vegas, it’s time to look at new places Handicapper can move and scratch out a nice living handicapping while enjoying the good life of a hustler. I know many handicappers will relocate to Las Vegas to post up wagers for NFL and NCAAF season.

In Tijuana and most of Mexico’s border areas, Sports betting is legal. It is very popular in San Diego area to take a short drive, park and walk across the border and bet sports.

In Tijuana prostitution is also 100% legal. That’s right! After getting korn┬áholed in Sports you can relax with some hot Chicas and beers for just a few bucks.

And if you wanna move you can enjoy a beach front apartment for less than $500 a month.

Sports Betting in Tijuana less than 30 mins from Downtown San Diego. How can you top this?

sean dice

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