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It is the dream of almost every handicapper / gambler. To make a nice sustainable living off sports betting while living their dreams.

In 2017 affordable lifestyle that Las Vegas once offered Professional Gamblers is all but gone. But I got great news for you I have found the promise land!

The main thing Handicappers need is low-cost of living to leverage your bankroll.

Mexicali is a blend of amazing affordable housing, beautiful girls, sportsbooks and yes all the drugs you need for the downswings.

Don’t think you can move to Mexico? The biggest benefit of Mexicali is not only it’s affordability, but unlike Tijuana that neighbors very expensive San Diego. If you need to you can cross over to Calexico or El Centro that also offers reasonable and affordable living.

In Mexicali, you can rent a house or apartment for $200-$650 depending on your taste. Transportation is also very cheap and it’s safe for any hardcore gambler.

The women are flat-out amazing it doesn’t matter if your taste are hookers or local chicas.

The best news if you go bust can just hop over the line and get a part-time job and still have little life disruptions.

Very few places really offer this Digital Nomad opportunity to legally Sportsbet with easy accessibility to the US.

Mexico not your speed? How about El Paso Texas. El Paso has a low cost of living with Sunland park racetrack with less that 10 mins drive from most places in El Paso. Plus Mexico you can place bets at too.




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