Generally considered the culprit behind fixing the 1919 World Series, infamous New York City mob boss and gambler Arnold Rothstein is suggested by many to have fixed the 1921 race that his horse won. The filly Prudery was the early favorite at 1-4 odds, and Rothstein entered his colt, Sporting Blood, which had 5-2 odds of winning. Rothstein learned Prudery had gone off her feed in the days leading up to the Travers Stakes and another horse, Grey Lag, had been entered and made the favorite over Prudery. The odds on Rothstein’s horse went up to 3-1, and he laid a $150,00 wager. Grey Lag inexplicably was scratched just before the race started, and Rothstein’s horse overtook Prudery to win, giving Rothstein a more than $500,000 payday between the purse and his gambling winnings.