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Want the best handicapping website? If you feel like winning sports picks will make more sales this is also incorrect. This simple silly tip will turn your handicapping website into amazing.

Well, the good news is this is very simple! If you asked me how I would double to even triple the money I make online with a handicapping website I would reply add to the word count on my websites. That’s right, all you have to do is write more content and articles! Google rewards good 100% organic content. It almost doesn’t even matter what your website looks like, people will buy if you have good content on your website. Better product descriptions, how you bet, and call to action.

If you think about it, when do you bet the most money? Most people bet more money when they’re losing, not winning. So, winning picks really have nothing to do with the success of your handicapping website.

sean dice

My name is Scott Asher, i'm a writer and and freelance web developer for I have helped sports handicapper services sell more than 250,000 sports picks online and have made more than 1500 handicapping websites. I have a real passion for handicapping sports betting. More than anything I want you to make the most money selling your picks! 25 years in the sports handicapping business.