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Over coming failure: Get your head up… you have failed it cannot be taken back everyone knows what happen. You know what I say, “So what!”, know this, it doesn’t matter what you do in life whether you are a huge success or total failure you will always have people that will say you ain’t shit, or hate on you, or tell you that you can’t do it. Give them the finger and let’s move on to making this money. Only you can bring you back, and your reality, staying depressed is helping no one …Stop being depressed: No one feels sorry for you. Everyone has their own problems they don’t have time to care about yours. Stop moping around it is not a good look. “Its time to get over it, move on, but don’t forget.” Remember you are a winner and winners never give up.

You sat around long enough: It’s time to get up and start making moves. The moping period is over. If you are still sitting around waiting for a job to come knock on your front door, or for an opportunity to come knocking you will be sitting home for the rest of your life. Good things happen to those that make them happen, “luck”. What is luck? Luck is nothing but preparations and opportunity coming together to make something good. So when you think someone is lucky it’s not always the case a lot of the time they have prepared for this moment and when it came they were ready. So learn the system and get ready for you preparation and opportunity to come together in the form of winning bets and final tables.

You need a plan: Sit down and write down what you want out of life? Where would you like to be. Don’t make crazy goals that can’t be meet. Start small, meet those goals, then start over make new goals, and meet them. You should understand that this is not going to be overnight.

Getting your swagger back: If you have lost your business like I did, or you have just been fired, or just can’t find a job, you need to get out there and find yourself. You need to find your passion you need to find who you are again. Now that you have done that you can pull your underwear out of your ass and wipe the sand out of your eyes. Now you can stand tall and start climbing to the mountaintop.

Confronting your fears: If you have failed in business like I had you will need to go to people that have invested in your business and tell them how you have failed them. “This by far was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life, the hardest. It will be for you as well.” Once you have come to term with this you will start feeling a lot better. You will have lifted a 1000 pound gorilla of your shoulders. Now this will not change the fact that you have failed and have to move on, but at least you will be at peace knowing you did your best.

Moving on: Hopefully you have figured out what you need to do to start making things happen in your life. For me moving on was making a new business plan that took me three years (yeah, I know three years) to finally complete. When I had just failed in my business. A business that I used another’s persons money, and that I love with all my heart. I had to get real and make a discussion and a plan. The plan that I come up with had to be foolproof I had to make sure whatever field I got into that I would make it to the top in that field.

Finding your niche: You have your plan…. now it’s time to put it in action. Whatever your plan is, you need to know this, it doesn’t come over night. There is no get rich in one month scam out that can do that. Do you really think someone that makes money on those scams claim to really want to help your broke, no motivation, no job, no car, basically a bum. People don’t help people like that they look past them. So we all know your no bum, you have just hit some hard times, but a bum you’re not. Know that people think of you as a bum should light a fire under you like never before.

Lighting your fire: Knowing that everyone thought of me as a bum, a failure, and no good for nothing liar that they wanted nothing to do with, that hurt. It will hurt you as well. What you need to do is take a step back from those people (you don’t want to see them again until you have blown up) trust me on this. People that you think are on your side will turn on you; those friends that are only there when you are on top will be gone. Hey your all alone, this is going to be a solo mission. And you know what? That’s the best thing for you. Whatever you earn from this point on will be from your sweat and tears. The proof will be in the pudding, its either sink, or swim there’s no lifeguard on duty.

Write down your goals and dreams: You must write your goals and dreams down on paper. You need to look at them every day so that you remember where you are trying to go. For me, as a reminder, I kept another sheet of paper that had the business I lost with it’s letter head and signage on it. I would look at to remind me not to make the same mistakes again. Writing down your goal will allow them to stay fresh in your mind and if they’re fresh on your mind you will always be making moves to make those goals happen. Having goals and meeting them is how you are going to pull yourself from the grave.

Learning to walk again: You have to crawl before you can walk. You need to start in with baby steps, you have a plan of attack and your goals are in place there is no rush. That means start small don’t over work yourself. Look at it like this, you have the rest of your life to work and make money so you need to get this right. You are at the bottom move slow and make sure every step is moving you forward. Hitting the ground running without knowing where you’re going is the perfect combination for failure and nervous break down. So start slow, a snail’s pace. First, find a job that can pay your bills and is not too much of a strain on you. Once you start working and bringing money in the house again you will feel good about yourself again and your chest will start to poke out. Let me bring you back to earth. You are a baby crawling you haven’t done anything yet. Understand that you are still depressed, you are a lot happier then you have been, but something small as a song you used to listen to during the hard time will take you back to those times, which are still fresh in your mind. Understand this, getting over your failure is going to take years. You will always feel like friends and family when you are around them are looking, talking, and whispering about how much a bum you are. Now this may or may not be, but in your mind that’s how it will feel. So don’t get to big headed stay on a even keel and keep your eyes on the prize, which is meeting your goals.

Follow my steps: Everything prior to this was to let you know I understand where you are. I have been in that place. I was you. And just like you I was looking for away to be a success. I tried some of the bullshit get rich in selling houses or real estate’s notes or eBay. None of those things work at least not for me. So one day a friend came to me with a opportunity to make some money and do it from the comfort of my home on my couch in front of my TV. I wasn’t working so it sounded like a good idea plus I had rent due in two weeks. The opportunity he gave me was online poker and sports betting. Now for most people this is not going to be possible. Put all of their trust in a game. Put all of the money they have at risk every day. For the people that are not risk takers I would tell you to just try my betting system for 2 weeks, you will see a profit. And as a member of which you are now for buying a “road to success” I will send you picks you don’t even have to work the system I’ll email the picks to you. And you will see that we will win 7 out of 10 bets, and bets we don’t win we hedge to a bet that is an almost sure win to get are money back. Now some people need a 9 to 5 to feel safe and secure. That’s fine, you can work all day and still place bets online making money while games are playing and you are working. Once you get off work there will be two tournaments you can enter taking a total time from start to the final table 4 1/2 hrs. You can be in bed by 11:30 and back up in the morning to do it again. Because if you are like me once I find something that works I go all out and learn as much as I possibly can. So once I started winning I couldn’t’t get enough. The job I had was dead-end no real money I was just there waiting for my plan to come together. The system was working I didn’t’t have a lot of money to start with so the profits where not huge at first, but that was only a matter of time.

I am out of my rut and kicking butt: The system is in full effect. I am now betting every day and rounding at night. I still was crawling though. Until the day the system had a great day and I finished at 4 final tables in 1 day. I went 2nd , 2nd , 6th and 9th. This now gave me my stack in the game along with winning 7 out of 10 bets I now had a bankroll to make things happen. I had gotten good at poker as seen in my online poker system, which will teach you how to make money rounding on the internet. You will get the system for free for buying a “road to success”. In these two systems will have everything you need to make money on the internet through sports book gambling and online poker. These systems are tried and tested and they flat out work. You can check my stats on poker. I have been on for 2 ½ months and I have made over 20 thousand dollars. I play with two name’s, hold1time and Kevin Vandam, check me on those earning are from November 16 to present. Now, what job do you know will pay you 20,000 in two month. Tax free and deposited direct into your bank account. There is no job like this, so if you are a nine to fiver you can follow my steps on a part time basis until you get the hang of it, for those of you that are ready to hit the floor running. I have set up with a special promotion for customers of or Erick Ashe,”Road to success” or Erick Ashe’s “Make a living rounding online”… they will get a 100% deposit matching bonus. Everything to navigate the system and making it work for you. You will also get a blue pill membership on which will allow you to receive all my picks and all my knowledge. You can forum with me and even check my play on . We are all here to make money. This is not rocket science I am not splitting atoms. What I have done is brought you a system that works and if you stick to it will have you quitting your job and rounding and betting like me. I should let you know before you try and do the lather of those two. This is gambling you are putting real money at risk and there is a chance you could lose it all with that said “with this system you will never lose it all” manage your bankroll and start in the shallow end working your way to the peak to will find that what I have presented to you is very possible and you can do it.

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