Depending on the horse and venue, patterns can emerge about how well they run on particular race tracks and under particular conditions. Bettors can use laptops running Excel or even just keep track with traditional paper and pencil to record how horses run at certain tracks and under certain conditions. Depending on the race length, track surface, track conditions and opposing horses, a skilled bettor can track horses based on various categories and better determine how they will run in specific races. A horse that typically does well at Hollywood Park and other horses like it would be ranked among the best. The next category might be horses that generally finish in the money but don’t win as well. Another factor could be horses that seldom finish in the money but do well under special conditions, such as a muddy track. And a final category could be horses that are new to a track or otherwise unknown to the bettor. The horse might be good, but because there is no history available for it, the horse is left as an uncategorized wild card.