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Someone asked me a stupid question about people buying sports picks.

Today a friend asked me, now that sports betting is becoming legal in many markets, if I thought sports picks would quit selling…. and I said if he thought people would quit getting paid for stock market advice. There is no dough you can get with worthless stock advice and it’s the same with handicappers. […]

Ex Philly Pitcher Starts Handicapping business.

Today Bloomberg reported Michael Schwimer, former Philly pitcher is starting a handicapping service. What’s funny about this story is, Michael hates the handicapping business… was quoted by bloomberg.com here saying it’s “just awful.” Well, fellow hustlers, that didn’t stop him from opening up shop right along with alllllll the other handicappers! I personally feel the […]

Should you pay a handicapper?

I think if you are a successful person making $250,000+ and looking to make profitable moves sports betting, you absolutely should hire an expert handicapper. Just like you do in your day job, they’re sports betting every day, you’re at work working. I think most view handicappers as scammers, but let’s face it, losing money […]

Should you just break down and become a Bookie?

Many handicappers take action. Even if it’s just the other side of the game with a friendly wager between friends. But this my friend is in fact bookmaking or being a bookie. Back in the day, I was living a bookmaking dream in Las Vegas building my bankroll, taking action from Friends that didn’t live […]