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Explaining the Vig and your Money.

“Vig” is a fun word that a lot of people like to use to sound cool but don’t know what it really means. It’s short for “vigorish,” which is the interest you pay a bookie, sportsbook, or offshore book to bet on sports. In most cases, the vig is 10 percent and represents the amount […]

The ‘Vig’ and How It Works

Other than being a cool word lots of people hear only in gangster films, the “vig” is something most people don’t understand. Short for “vigorish,” the vig is nothing more than the tax or profit margin a sports book works with when accepting bets. When it comes to sports betting, the standard vig is 10 […]

Betting on Baseball and Hockey Betting Are Done Differently

While basketball and football betting lines are based on the scoring differential between two opposing teams, the way betting lines are set up for baseball and hockey are different. Because scoring is so limited in baseball games and hockey matches compared to relatively high-scoring football and basketball games, it would be nearly impossible to come […]

Is Handicapping turning to Fantasy sports for action?

So what happened? My buddy calls me and tells me he slam dunks nearly 20k after 3 weeks playing on DraftKings. I have heard about DraftKings, but I had no real idea you could win so much.. Congrats to my buddy Jesse who won $17,000 playing DraftKings.com daily fantasy sports. There is a weekly football […]

Road to Success in Handicapping Business

Over coming failure: Get your head up… you have failed it cannot be taken back everyone knows what happen. You know what I say, “So what!”, know this, it doesn’t matter what you do in life whether you are a huge success or total failure you will always have people that will say you ain’t […]

The world’s top NBA handicapper

By MATT YOUMANS – LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Bob Voulgaris had become one of the most successful sports gamblers in the world when, in 2004, he started to lose. It wasn’t just a streak of bad luck, a series of randomly unfavorable outcomes that could last only so long. His edge, he realized, was gone.