Did your Handicapping Business stop selling picks for some reason?

Oh that’s nothing. I’m guessing from the Analytics we have about 30% of the sports betting market share has shifted to Fantasy Sports over the last 9 months. The DFS is new “legal” way wink-wink to bet sports in the US. But as calvinayre.com is reporting, this is likely to be short lived I think and like Online Poker it will have an abrupt ending.

This type of betting leaves a big open door to cheating in NFL and other sports. > http://calvinayre.com/2015/10/03/business/draftkings-downplays-insider-trading-talk/

Now fantasysports.handicappingwebsites.com can help you diversify your website business to also offer fantasy lineups and information.

Now HandicappingWebsites.com offers Fantasy Sports Business Websites

Published by sean dice

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