Road to Success in Handicapping Business

Over coming failure: Get your head up… you have failed it cannot be taken back everyone knows what happen. You know what I say, “So what!”, know this, it doesn’t matter what you do in life whether you are a huge success or total failure you will always have people that will say you ain’t shit, or hate on you, or tell you that you can’t do it. Give them the finger and let’s move on to making this money. Only you can bring you back, and your reality, staying depressed is helping no one …Stop being depressed: No one feels sorry for you. Everyone has their own problems they don’t have time to care about yours. Stop moping around it is not a good look. “Its time to get over it, move on, but don’t forget.” Remember you are a winner and winners never give up.

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Did your Handicapping Business stop selling picks for some reason?

Oh that’s nothing. I’m guessing from the Analytics we have about 30% of the sports betting market share has shifted to Fantasy Sports over the last 9 months. The DFS is new “legal” way wink-wink to bet sports in the US. But as is reporting, this is likely to be short lived I think and like Online Poker it will have an abrupt ending.

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