If you have gambled chances are you have at lost, losing is career ending for most handicappers, most can’t handle the swings. Let’s face it losing is a very real part of sports betting and if you have had any success, you have experienced losing. Mostly it’s the pressure from friends and family that lead most to quit handicapping. Very few make it in the gambling business the over the long haul, I have been gambling to make money for 20+ years.

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Why Phil Ivey’s case is important for all gamblers.

Supreme Court of the UK has agreed to hear Phil Ivey’s now infamous high-stakes baccarat case. What most gamblers and non-gamblers don’t understand about this situation, allowing casinos to claim players are cheating opens the door when anyone that is lucky enough to win a jackpot for the casinos just claims the win was somehow flawed or the player was cheating.

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