Why it’s important to use reliable sports book affiliate for your Handicapping Business

In my early days of Affiliate marketing, I was with BetUS. I lost everything I worked for, I never thought the US would come in and start shutting down these offshore sports books.

Losing at sports betting

If you have gambled chances are you have at lost, losing is career ending for most handicappers, most can’t handle the swings. Let’s face it losing is a very real part of sports betting and if you have had any success, you have experienced losing. Mostly it’s the pressure from friends and family that lead most to quit handicapping. Very few make it in the gambling business the over the long haul, I have been gambling to make money for 20+ years.

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Why Phil Ivey’s case is important for all gamblers.

Supreme Court of the UK has agreed to hear Phil Ivey’s now infamous high-stakes baccarat case. What most gamblers and non-gamblers don’t understand about this situation, allowing casinos to claim players are cheating opens the door when anyone that is lucky enough to win a jackpot for the casinos just claims the win was somehow flawed or the player was cheating.

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Video Poker on the Side Hustle

Are you sucked into the roller coaster world of Video Poker? What is amazing about Video Poker is the winning streaks you can go on, when on a hot streak you can run up a little bit of money to 1000’s in just days.

It’s best just to play the highest you can stand rather than being sucked away one nickel at a time.

Handicapping against the spread vs. Daily Fantasy Sports

There is definitely a metrics dynamic to these 2 different ways to handicap for money.

Is there a such thing as a winning handicapper?

Yes, people have been handicapping sports events, horse races and even things like elections for years. Even stock markets are very much on the same lines as handicapping. The key is finding experts and exploiting edges.

The thing to think about is no one wins forever, things always change. One winning NFL season is not a winning handicapper. This is the business of critical decision making.

Is taking underdogs the secret to being a winning handicapper?

With the all the plus money being offered from the sports book by taking the underdog, can you be a winning handicapper only picking 50% winners?

How to make money as a coin flip handicapper.

Did you know if you started betting with just a penny and won every day for 30 days you would have 5.3 million dollars? You don’t have to be a great handicapper to make money sports betting.

The good news is based on the chart above if you are looking to make a million dollars sports betting, starting from 10$ so that means you only have to pick 18 winners in a row.

You can go on picks websites like: https://www.hockeypicks.com/ and https://www.bullpenpicks.com/ follow handicappers that are hot for free and win almost everyday.

High Risk Bet Investment Sports Betting

Should you be taking small shots on high return longshots sports betting? Yes, one hit for $10 in a lifetime could be all you need to get that one chance of taking down a big score. For a few dollar investment, this return on investment would be unbelievable.

This is a penny stock investment. Betting 10$, you are almost never going to spin this up to anything. That’s why an investment like this is Green light.

One downside to this betting style, expect to lose a lot of these.

Should You Hire a Handicapper?

Let’s forget for one second if the Handicapper is a winner because chances are the handicapper you hire is not a lifetime winner betting sports. I want to examine if you should hire a handicapper consultant.

If you bet any amount of real money on sports, more than likely you are working a full-time job maybe even own a business and your time is very limited to really spending time researching good value betting opportunities. I think that by hiring a handicapper that is an expert you are increasing your chances of winning.  There are many handicappers with great sports knowledge and winning approaches to sports betting and finding someone who has the same betting styles this can only help.

There are many very talented handicappers out there armed with great sports, bankroll and gambling knowledge. Paying for this is not that crazy, you pay stock for advice from brokers.